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European Long Drive Games

10th Apr


On the 30th of March, we headed down to Whittington Heath Golf Club for the UK Championship leg of the European Long Drive Games where LUKE SPORT golf ambassador Jordan Brooks was competing.  

A cold and overcast morning welcomed players and spectators with a strong breeze blowing towards the tee from the off. Jordan Brooks took to the mic to open proceedings before the eight groups of four, (including the local favourite Jordan Brooks & 2x World Champion Joe Miller) headed to the tee and began smashing the balls up the course. Luckily the sun eventually shined much to the delight of players and fans alike. As afternoon became the early evening the groups began to thin out and we were left with the final two Emil Rosberg & James Tait after hours of swinging their clubs it was the Sweed Emil who took the UK Championship title.

You can see our brief video round-up here. 

  Final Standings

  • 🥇Emil Rosberg 
  • 🥈James Tait 
  • 🥉 Joe Miller 
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