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festival of luke

Festival of Luke

Top tips for surviving the Festival Season 

21st June 2018

Festival season is upon us! We've put together the top tips to make sure you are set for all situations!

Tip 1. If you arrive late do not pitch your tent anywhere near the Bogs, you may be tempted as there’s plenty of space and day one it’s ok but come the last day, you will think you have woken up with more flies in your tent than an England World cup qualifier in Russia.   

Tip 2. Two words “Wet Wipes” the modern-day festival equivalent to a Swiss Army knife. From your tackle to your kit they wipe off any indiscretion.

Tip 3. No Glass, some kids are still down with flower power and walking bare foot, that Florence has a lot to answer for, respect their one time of the year to be really weird and fit in.

Tip 4. Food, you think you can live off the cardboard burger man and dine at 1.30 each morning, it’s an old tale but try and get a base down to at least soak up some of the million ciders you are about to drink (responsibly) We normally get pally with one of the store holders tell him we are working at the festival on say the Strongbow stand and see if he does a festival worker special. You will be surprised how much you save.

Tip 5. Wrist bands, scour the internet for various wrist bands, do some research on what bands have been used previously at a festival the more bands you have the bigger you roll and more like a VIP or one of the band you will look, we have blagged back stage so many times by just having an array of bands and sometimes you get lucky and a colour match which passes as it gets darker. Pros no bar queues, nicer bogs, cons miss the real spirit of up front.

Tip 6. Fancy dress, make one day dress up day, get a theme if you are going as a group, festivals like Bestival always have a theme day, this year it’s Circus and the whole of our team already have outfits on order, you meet so many people dressed up and it’s such great fun and the real festival vibe, you meet loads of people and an ice breaker with the opposite sex.

Tip 7. Don’t always buy your booze from the big tents, if you have a mooch around you can normally find some smaller bars with a better choice of Booze, we found Kingfisher and Birra Morretti stands plus a pimms bar and prosseco bar just off the main areas, way better than the flat pre-poured.

Tip 8. Solar phone charger and back up battery pack, I bought a solar charger a few years back while developing a bag for the business it goes with me when camping, the T5 has a large panel on the roof so my crew always have juice, but if you are tenting solar and back up battery a must, I actually have a flip smart phone for festivals after losing a few in the past, look like a total Noughties dealer but does the job.

Tip 9. Jacket for the night, in the summer the sun goes down and so does the temperature, cool while you are moshing your head off, but a vest doesn’t cut it at 3am when you have cooled down. Light weight and packable. 


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