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#FF: Who We've Followed on Instagram This Week

16th Oct

It’s that time again – where we round up the Instagram accounts that have kept us scrolling into the night. Be warned, they’re likely to put your over-filtered images to shame. So without further ado…

@nasaWe’re not going to pass this off as some “underground” account but with the entire buzz around Ridley Scott's The Martian, it seemed fitting to see what these guys are up to on their social media account. Turns out, quite a lot. Follow NASA for some truly mind-blowing images of our galaxy and sibling planets.

@dapperlouA stylist turned photographer, Brooklyn-based Dapper Lou has spent the last five years building up a series of men’s fashion lookbooks, collaborating with brands like Gucci and working his way through the global fashion empire. His Insta account is full street wear inspired shots that play with lighting and colour.

@darrylljonesProving Stormtroopers are just like us, photographer Darryl Jones uses some of our favourite childhood toys to create brilliantly banal scenes. With over 92k followers, it looks like we’re not the only ones looking for something other than baby photos and breakfasts involving avocado.

@danbilzerianDan is extremely, extremely rich and likes to show it off on Instagram. Avoid if you’re the jealous type, but if you like women, fast cars and guns (who doesn’t?) then check out his account. Just don’t look on a Monday morning when you’ve got back-to-work blues.

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