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The LaFontaines Class Video

FIRST LOOK: The LaFontaines - Class Video

28th Apr

At LUKE HQ, we enjoy the simple things in life... good food, good beer and good music sitting at the top of our list. It's with great pleasure we can say we have one of those ticked off in this post - an exclusive look at The LaFontaines' new video.

The LaFontaines are about to embark on a UK wide tour with The Summer Set, perform at numerous festivals across the UK and hit the studio to record their second album, the follow up to their Top 10 debut, 'Class'.

In between all that, the boys have managed to fix it for the Luke 1977 customers to have the very first look at their brand new video for the album's title track, 'Class'. Watch the video here.

We have a small cameo in the video too! Watch it and tweet or Facebook message us with the time that you spot our Luke posters in the video. A winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday 3 March, winning a TRS PKT t-shirt in navy!

Make sure you grab a copy of the brilliant album. Download it on iTunes or Amazon, buy the CD or listen on Spotify.


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