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Its international beer day!

4th Aug

Its international beer day!!

A great excuse to enjoy this weekend to the MAX, not the we need an excuse… so here is How to enjoy international beer day; by the Luke team.


Round One…Give the gift of beer! Treat a friend and be treated in return. It’s all about the love on beer day!

Round Two…Be adventurous and try something new and exciting, or stick to the old classic you know you suits you!

Round Three…Drink with good friends, no better way to enjoy a cold one they with mates.

Round Four…Location location location, don’t forget to check out what’s going on near home and support your locals. They keep you going all year around, and don’t forget to thank the bartender. They have given their time so you can have a good time.


And a little extra, One for the road…

Here’s Luke’s Top Beers to Try:

Lion Lager   

Asahi Beer 


Thornbridge Brewery 


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