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Villa X Luke

Luke 1977 X Aston Villa Formal Wear Partners

7th May

The existing partnership will take on a new form for the 2019/20 season with the local Birmingham brand focusing on our new formalwear offering after a season as the club’s technical partner.


Aston Villa Chief Commercial Officer Nicola Ibbetson said: “We are delighted to continue to partner with Luke 1977 within the new capacity as the Club’s Formalwear Partner. The good relationship we have formed with Luke Roper, as a local Birmingham based brand, has enabled us to introduce a new formal offering which has previously not been available to our fans.”


Luke1977 Creative Director, Luke Roper, said: “The team and I have been thrilled with the fantastic response we have had all season to our record-breaking kit. We are very proud to have seen it become a best seller for the club as well as being voted top kit in the EFL by GQ magazine.


“This, alongside the record-breaking 10 game winning run by the team means it’s going to be iconic in the club’s history.


“During this season we have seen fantastic fan sentiment and we have demonstrated our commitment to our club, which is exactly why the club still wished to have us involved. We are delighted to be the Club’s new Formalwear Partner, and this two-year agreement means that we are very much still aligned to Aston Villa; we will retain our presence at Villa Park, and we look forward to showcasing our new and contemporary formalwear range to fans.”


“Thanks for an amazing year, it’s one we will never forget, we have loved every kick of it.”


AVFC and Fanatics worked collaboratively with Luke1977 on the design element of the club’s 2018/19 kit. The Club will once again focus on delivering a kit that will honour our heritage through design and quality with a new technical partner who will be announced in due course.

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