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2nd Oct

2 years ago was the last time we customised the BSA & Tiger Cub but 6 months in the build and our latest member of the family is finally finished. The Luke Sport Lambretta GP150 and is absolutely stunning.

The Lambretta GP/DL range was the final range of classic Lambrettas to be produced before Lambretta was sold to British Leyland Motor Corporation in 1971. The range was called the DL in most countries, but was called the GP (standing for Grand Prix) in Britain and some other countries. This was in order to associate the scooters with Formula One which was extremely popular and successful in the late 1960s The GP/DL range was designed by Nuccio Bertone who was also acclaimed for designing several vehicles for Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, and Fiat.

The GP/DL range was offered with three different engine sizes: 125, 150, and 200.In April 1971, Italian production of GP/DL Lambrettas ended.

The Luke Sport Lambretta won’t be seen UK Stores as it off to New Store in Jeddah which has just opened

Many Thanks to Andy Booth for all your hard work on this project you have done us proud.

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