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Luke Sport Subaru Impreza Competing


29th May

Horiba D’Isis Stages at Mira Test Track on Saturday 25th April 2015

 The Luke Sport Rally Team had their first outing of 2015 at the Mira Track in the Luke Sport Rear Wheel Drive Subaru Impreza. For Driver Connor Poole (Sales Representative) and Co-Driver Aaron Field (Internet Manager), it was their first outing as a team, Connor’s first event driving after having experience as a Co-Driver and Aaron’s first event ever. As the day progressed, the times got quicker, speeds got higher and, at times, the car got more sideways!


The Mira Test track was a great first venue for the Subaru, really pushing car (and driver). The embankment was terrific to really open up the car, and the uneven section of the track threw the car at all sorts of angles. Of course no rally would be complete without getting a bit of air, we may as well have called the Subaru “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on the last two stages.


Out of 85 cars, the team came 23rd overall. A very promising start considering the first event out, still a lot of modifications to be done and a Driver and Co-Driver relationship that can only get more streamline. Only as long as Aaron remembers the episode of Top Gear, when James May asked driver Kris Meeke, “What happens if we crash?” “Well James, first I will ask if you are ok? Then I will ask you to apologise”. 

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