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made in the uk Denim Jeans


26th Nov

Made in the UNITED KINGDOM OF LUKE 'Freddie 5 pocket' limited edition 1st run

These are the exciting first steps on our crusade to champion British manufacturing

Available in two options

LUKE premium raw stretch selvedge £125

LUKE raw £85

This Jean is handmade in the UK using selected Japanese selvedge fabric, which has been exclusively woven for us.

You will see the distinctive Luke Trim tape is woven into the fabric ends so the seam has a clean sharp edge.

This technique uses one continuous cross Yarn, finished with a cross Warp in our traditional Red Black Gold colour ways, the finish has no frayed or over locked seams hence the crisp look of a selvedge end.

Shuttle Looms the traditional way of making denim are used to make a narrow 30 inch fabric. Which is half the width of modern Sulzer Looms.

The distinctive Selvedge edge is revered by Denim aficionado’s and we are proud to have our own Selvedge Denim exclusively MADE IN THE UK by skilled machinists.

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