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luke 1977 mens designer namvet souvenir jacket

Namvet Souvenir Jacket

6th Mar

Chances are you've seen the souvenir jacket hanging off the backs of the most fashionable. In the last year, we've all witnessed the re-emergence of the distinctive embroidered style and the trend keeps gaining traction as we head into SS17.

For our latest collect, we've dropped our own version - introducing the Namvet. Drawing inspiration from the original Souvenir Jacket (or Sukajan in Japanese), the Namvet features an embroidered lion and Anniversary Tour text.

The roots of the Souvenir Jacket can be traced back to American soldiers stationed in the Pacific Theater following the end of World War II. During this time, American troops began getting traditional Japenese designs stitched onto the the back of their jackets to commemorate their time in Japan - literal souvenirs of their time spent there.

Throughout the 60s, the jacket was adopted by the Japanese audience despite being made originally for American soldiers. It was at this time that the newly adopted jacket became a symbol of rebellion in post-war Japan; worn by the working class youth and often having gang connotations.

In the last decade, and the last couple of years especially, the statement style has well and truly become a hero in mainstream fashion.  From making film cameos to rock stars choosing the jacket for their tours, variations of the souvenir jacket continue to drop. With such a rich history, it's key for the jacket to actually mean something. Our Namvet Luke Anniversary Tour jacket celebrates 40 years for Luke himself.

Keeping with the traditional cut of the souvenir jacket - similar to an American baseball jacket with contrast sleeves - the Namvet is available in two colours - Lux Navy and Lux Khaki.

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