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31st May


Beach Bod

It’s time to hit the pool /beach, easy, right? All you need are swim shorts, vest, flip flops and shades, done. Well yes, to some extent it's as easy as that but just remember these tips;


Swim shorts – now no one wants to copy the TOWIE half thong situation, so we’d suggest aiming for a length that is around mid-thigh, too short and you'll look like you're trying to smuggle an extra calippo back from the shop. Too long and you'll look like an early 2000's surfer dude and it didn't even look cool back then. 


Sunglasses - Just because Idris Elba can rock a pair of classic Raybans doesn't necessarily mean you can here's how to shop for your face shape;

Oval - Thicker frames.

Round - Angular sunglasses

Square - Round and soft edged

Heart-shaped - Thinner framed at the bottom than the top


Bar Cool

Time to hit the strip and possibly pop into a local karaoke bar you’ve been eyeing up since you arrived? Go for it!

If you can't wear bright colours on holiday when can you!? Team a Hawaiian shirt with a pair of linen shorts and slip-on skate trainers. The bright colours and light fabrics will also help to keep you cool as you cut it up on the dance floor. 


Sophisticated summer

So, you've found the hottest/most exclusive restaurant at your destination and it calls for a little more than your party outfit. Pair a Pastel short sleeve shirt with denim shorts and woven loafers. The right blend of smart, casual and functional. Perfect for enjoying a glass of vino with a bowl of olives during the sunset. Or a pint of the local beer and some peanuts, whatever takes your fancy!


We have a great range of summer essentials for you to check out including our money saving holiday packs which you can see here.

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