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Luke 1977 The Art of Layering

The Art of Layering

28th Oct

Dressing for winter is an art form. Bitter mornings prompt us to bundle on the heaviest layers we can find, only to end up a sweating mess beneath our cable knit jumper by lunchtime.

We’re here to gently guide you through the art of layering. Ultimately you want items that, worn alone, still look stylish if you end up removing a layer or two.

Bottom LayerWhatever occasion you’re dressing for, a cotton base is key to your comfort. A premium 100% cotton will keep moisture from building up on your skin – perfect for that temperature hike from outside to inside.

Work –the Two Eye in White is smart enough to get you through the daily grind and post-work drinks.

Play –you can’t go wrong with a plain white crew neck, and Skinny Charmers comes to the rescue. A slim fit ensures there’s no bulky base (although we can’t speak for anything that lurks beneath the t-shirt).

Middle LayerYou’re looking for something that isn’t overly heavy but provides some insulation. A fine knit or weave will trap air between the fabric fibers yet remain breathable.

Work –we’ve got a long list of reasons why the Gerard fine-knit jumper is a smart casual wardrobe essential, but we’ll keep it simple. It’s super soft 100% cotton fabrication keeps heat in without creating any stuffiness.

Play –a checkered shirt is the easiest way to keep it casual. Our Jan The Man long sleeved shirt features an all-over gingham design in a rich lux port or lux blue, making it a great choice for autumn.

Top LayerA blazer or jacket is the third step to everlasting warmth and style. Jackets featuring our TECHUNIQUE® fabric will keep you protect you against the elements.

Work –a classic blazer will do the trick here. The Druids jacket is fitted enough to keep your silhouette slim-line but still allows for movement with layers underneath.

Play –take your pick from the Luke outerwear range! For warmer days, throw the Sharpy jacket on for easy styling. If you need to battle the elements, our Movement is breathable and shower-resistant.

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