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Back to the Future

Things We Wish Had Been Invented By Now

21st Oct

In case you were unaware, today marks the date that Marty McFly and Doc visited in Back to the Future II. In the zany minds of the 80s scriptwriters, here in 2015 we should be getting around on our hoverboards and the Nike MAG trainers are the footwear of choice.

Obviously this isn't the case (although we've heard rumours of both) but it did get us thinking about what we think should have been invented by now. C'mon guys, it's 2015... where are our self-drying jackets at?

Self-Drying JacketsAt the push of a button, Marty's jacket goes from drenched to dry in a matter of seconds. What is this trickery? All those hours spend needlessly freezing watching football on a miserable Saturday would be no more.

TeleportationThis is up there on everyone's list of inventions and with good reason. Just imagine cutting out the hassle of travelling... what a time to be alive.

Time Remote ControlWe want what Adam Sandler has in 'Click'; a universal remote control that fast-forwards or rewinds through life.

Cloning MachineYou've promised you'll make dinner plans but there's also a night of beers and football on the agenda. A cloning machine would allow you to be in two (or three... or four...) places at once. Ideal!

Transparent Hole PuncherBecause unaligned holes are really really irritating.

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