Autumn Winter 2023 - Inspiration behind the clothing

Amidst the whirlwind of modern life, emerges a collection that’s more than just style – it’s a tribute to timeless values. Inspired by the experiences of growing up in the Black Country back in the 80s, the story of the “Manors Maketh Man” Autumn 2023 Collection embraces the idea of an unwavering moral compass and holding ourselves accountable.

This collection transports us to a time when good manners were etched into daily life. It was about showing respect to your elders, not just because it was expected, but because it was right. The lessons of those days, sometimes enforced with a quick reminder, were all in an effort to lay the foundation for integrity.

The collection represents the journey from a disciplined upbringing to becoming someone who embodies values. Each outfit symbolises something bigger – that politeness isn’t a weakness. It’s a mark of strength, even in a world that might tell you otherwise. The concept of the “Manors Maketh Man” Autumn 2023 Collection served as a guiding light for our captivating photoshoot, which took place in the enchanting backdrop of a historic Manor House.

Just as the collection pays tribute to timeless values, the Manor House echoes the elegance and sophistication of eras gone by. Through the lens of our campaign, the Manor House became more than just a location; it became a metaphor for the intersection of integrity, accountability, and refined fashion.

The “Manors Maketh Man” campaign isn’t just about clothing or the fabric; it’s about honouring these values and encouraging the continuation of their survival, even against the odds. Embracing an ethos that celebrates integrity, accountability, and respect. And together, through your stories, we can amplify these values and make a lasting impact. It’s time for us to amplify the message of integrity in solidarity.

How you can get involved?

We’re inviting you to share your stories of respect, accountability, and unshakable principles. Tag your posts with #ManorsMakethMan and let’s build a community that celebrates these values beyond fashion. Your stories will be more than posts; they’ll be a part of a movement.