LUKE X Joe Joyce

In the world of men's fashion, LUKE 1977 has consistently been synonymous with sports partnerships. We are delighted to renew our relationship with heavyweight powerhouse Joe Joyce. The stage is set, and on the 16th, The Juggernaut steps into the ring with Kash Ali in what promises to be an intense and pivotal matchup.

LUKE 1977 and Joyce: A Winning Combination

LUKE's renewed partnership with Joe celebrates shared values. Both the brand and the boxer embody the spirit of pushing boundaries and overcoming challenges. As Joyce gears up for fight night with LUKE by his side, it's a testament to the synergy between refined fashion and athletic prowess.

The Controversial Clash: Kash Ali's Redemption Quest

Kash Ali's name will ring a bell for boxing enthusiasts. Not just for his skills in the ring but also for a biting controversy involving David Price. As Ali seeks redemption and a chance to rewrite his narrative, Joyce stands as a formidable obstacle.

The Fight Night Anticipation

As fight night looms, the anticipation in the boxing world is palpable. For Joe Joyce, this is more than a chance to add another win to his impressive record; it's an opportunity to silence doubters and solidify his status as a true contender in the heavyweight division. LUKE 1977 rallies behind Joyce, knowing this collaboration extends beyond the ring.

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