Alpha Industries Combat Nylon Pant UV


Crafted from lightweight semi-shine carbon cotton, these utility trousers offer a statement twist on your wardrobe staples. An elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit, while pockets in the shell fabric offer maximum practicality. Drawing inspiration from military wear, the CWU pocket contains magnetic closing for secure storage. With back pockets featuring flap covers, these pants strike the perfect balance between style and utility. The UV keyring detail with carabiner closures on the D-ring detail adds a modern and functional approach, with the magnetic snap cuff closing completing the look. 

  • Carbon Cotton, lightweight with semi-shining surface 
  • Elastic waistband 
  • Pockets in shell fabric  
  • CWU Pocket, bulky pockets with magnetic closing  
  • UV keyring detail with carabiner closures on D-ring detail 
  • Back pockets with flap cover  
  • Magnetic snap cuff closing